Alain Cavanna


Age 44, Alain Cavanna orchestrates 70 cooks deployed in different teams in the restaurants at the Sun Casino, Casino de Monte-Carlo, including the brand new Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, the catering service of the Groupe Monte-Carlo SBM and the legendary concert venue, La Salle des Etoiles in the Sporting.

Executive chef in the kitchens of the Sporting Monte-Carlo


alain-cavannaOriginally from the Côte d’Azur, this son of market-gardeners was raised to respect working with the soil and its natural produce. In 1983, he obtained his BEP qualification in the cooking and restaurant sector, and joined the team at the Palm Beach in Cannes as a “commis”. He pursued his career at the Ruhl Casino Barrière in Nice as “chef de partie” before joining the Monte-Carlo SBM group in 1990. Alongside Robert Gamba, then Chef for the Sporting, he developed his managerial skills and was appointed “Sous Chef” in 2003. He got involved in development, participated in the structuring of the teams and the introduction of a permanent production unit. In 2009, he was appointed Executive Chef at the Sporting Monte-Carlo.


Far removed from the cliché of the all-powerful chef, Alain Cavanna manages his teams rather like a sports coach who focuses, precisely, on teamwork. He has no time for oversized egos, preferring to base his approach on mutual trust and human relationships, encouraging each person to develop his own potential.


Each type of restaurant facility presents its own kind of challenge. In the case of the Salle des Etoiles, which hosts private banquets and prestige events such as the Red Cross Gala, Rose Ball and Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, it is all about striking a balance between the artistic aspect of the event and the culinary offerings. During the music festival, a different menu is prepared each evening to suit the programme (over a period of two months, about 700 dinners are served every evening).


Alain Cavanna’s repertory of dishes reflects the flavours and fragrances of the Mediterranean, although he has succeeded in adapting it to the expectations of an international clientele and thus proposes other types of gastronomy. With the arrival of the Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo within the walls of the Casino de Monte-Carlo, collaborators with an Asian background have joined his teams. 


Alain Cavanna intends to raise creativity and quality to ever higher levels in extremely varied offerings, even in the group’s catering service, whose development he sees as a challenge for the future.